Alexis Ziemak, Ohio Quarter Horse Racing Association

My name is Alexis Lee Ziemak and I’m representing the Ohio Quarter Horse Racing Association for 2017! I’m from a small township in Ohio, called Sharon Township. It is an area where everyone knows everyone. We all rode the same bus to school and on drive your tractor to school day, you best believe that the tractors came out! I have so many inspiring people in my life that shaped me into the young woman that I am today. It has always been a dream of mine to run for Congress Queen. In the beginning of 2017, someone I looked up to passed away and the last thing we spoke about was me one day running for Congress Queen. It was then, when I decided that this year was going to be the year that I was going to run. Denny was a huge part of the AQHA industry and had forgotten more about AQHA then I could ever live to know. He is someone I aspire to be when it comes to AQHA. He always had a leader mentality and I truly believe that being AQHA’s First Lady is at the top of the leadership board. I am currently a junior at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I will be graduating with a double major in chemistry and biology with a focus on pre-med and a minor in psychology. The medical field is one of the most interesting fields to me. My favorite memories always include the times when my horse and I are the last ones standing in the arena, at that time you know all your hard work has paid off. Horse shows with your best friends are always one for the books! When I think of myself I can never seem to think of any interesting facts but one in particular that seems to always come to my mind is that I played rugby in high school. When I tell people that I played rugby they seem to instantly become intimidated of me, but I can promise you that I am a very kind hearted, loving person!