Kendall Thyes - Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association

Kendall Thyes- representing Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association. I am from a small town named Kimberly. In Kimberly we love our high school football and everyone in town goes to the Friday night games. Our high school football team has won 4 time state championships in a row. And we also have the longest winning streak in the nation- with winning 61 games in a row. I choose to compete in the All-American Quarter Horses congress queen competition because I want to be a role model for all. I started my riding career in 4H and now getting the representation to Wisconsin is an amazing opportunity and I hope to show that when you work hard you can accomplish anything. I am currently a freshman at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and am studying pre-nursing. One of my greatest horse memories is when I was 10 years old and I went into my first ever 18 and under showmanship class with 25 kids in it. I got 3rd place and sense then I have always loved competing in showmanship. One interesting fact about myself is that I love to read books. Horse's name- my horses name is named Clyde- "Keep the Focus" but I will be showing Robbie- "Pleasure Do N Business" at congress Ambition- To help those who need it Favorite Food- My moms homemade Beef stroganoff Favorite color- Teal blue Place I'd like to visit- Scotland, to see the Highland Games College Attending- University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire