Laura Croghan, Kentucky Quarter Horse Association

My name is Laura Brooke Croghan and I am representing the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association at the 2017 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen Contest. I decided to compete for this title because it was a way for me to not only represent the state of Kentucky, but to also represent my hometown and show the youth that all things are possible when you truly set your mind and heart to it. I am from Hardyville, Kentucky. This is a very small, rural area that can be easily missed. Although my hometown is very rural and agricultural based, there is not an active industry in equine. I currently attend Western Kentucky University, while working part time at Tractor Supply Company. My favorite horse memory was purchasing my first American Quarter Horse. My favorite accomplishment with this horse was winning our first National Title in 2014. An interesting fact about me is that nobody in my family liked or was raised around horses. I was the first one to show any interest in horses, which many people thought was a phase all girls went through. However, it wasn’t a phase, it has grown to become not only a passionate hobby of mine, but has become my life.