Melissa Wozniak, Western New York Quarter Horse Association

My name is Melissa Elizabeth Wozniak and I am representing the Western New York Quarter Horse Club Inc. I am from Springville, which is south of Buffalo, NY. I currently live in an area called Zoar Valley, which is home to a gorge where hikers and outdoorsman can explore for days. Surrounding the gorge and the Cattaraugus Creek is farmland where soybeans and corn are planted every year. In Springville you can find produce auctions every Wednesday and a small town like atmosphere. I chose to compete for the crown at The All American Quarter Horse Congress because I was finally in the position with school to have the entire month of October off, and wanted to grow my horse-related achievements. I stopped showing for a period of time due to pharmacy school and wanted to re-enter the horse world. Right now, I am in my P4 year of pharmacy school at D'Youville College School of Pharmacy. I also work for CVS as a pharmacy intern when I am not on rotation. As far as my favorite horse related achievement, when I was growing up I purchased a grade quarter horse from an auction (in Springville) and worked to transform him into a show horse. Through 4-H, we received All Around Grand Champion for the year in 2008. That horse was definitely one of my best accomplishments. One interesting fact about me is that I hate chicken wings, and yes I know I am the only one from Buffalo who does!