Morgan McCarthy Warda, Michigan Quarter Horse Association

Michigan Quarter Horse Association

I am from Metamora, Michigan. Metamora is expanding commercially but is also well known as "horse country". It boasts of a very large fox hunt club that rides cross country courses throughout our neighborhood, two days a week, year round. Metamora abounds with state forests and beautiful inland lakes. There is something for everyone!

I decided that I would compete for the All American Quarter Horse Queen title when I was 5 years old; it was only a matter of growing up. So much of who I am was built through AQHA/MQHA and there was nothing more intriguing to me than the young woman walking around our shows with a crown on her cowgirl hat. I learned what it meant to be queen from each one of those young women, and I recognize what they did for me. I have always wanted to serve members of the association in the same way.

I am a full-time employee of the Genesee Conservation District, currently positioned as a Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program Technician. My job is to help farms of all sizes and commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural pollution risks.

I am also a Contributing Writer for, and the owner of Revitalized Saddles in partnership with my fiancé.

My favorite horse memory has been showing my horse, Mea Major Mito, from leadline to the amateur division. It took a lot of heart and ambition from both of us to stay competitive for so many years. There is no other horse I would have rather had beside me. He is now 25 years young.

2016 brought my biggest accomplishment- AQHA Honor Roll Champion Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle with my new partner, Finely Asleep.

Interesting fact about myself: I am one of 19 women that have been certified through the Quality Deer Management Association's Deer Steward 2 course.