Become an Intern


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Applications for the 2016 Queen Contest Internship and all requested items must be postmarked by September 20th, 2016 and sent to:

JOSIE WILLS | 809 Spyglass Drive | Bedford IN 47421


This application is for an intern position to be held during the All American Quarter Horse Congress 2016 October 6th-30th, specifically with the Queen Contest.  As an intern, you will be assisting with duties such as; curating the queen’s booth and museum area, educating and greeting visitors, as well as assisting with all aspects of the Queen Competition.  More importantly, you will be an ambassador bringing awareness and excitement to the program.  Interns will be required to wear proper attire during the scheduled times as an intern.  Interns will be assigned a Lanyard, t-shirt, button-down fitted blouse, buckle, earrings as well as other sponsored attire.  Interns will bring their own jeans and cowboy hat.  There will be a few themed events that will require additional attire for certain events (ie. Vintage Western attire).   All interns must look and act professional at all time, keeping hair and makeup neatly done, etc., while always wearing a smile.  Interns will learn the inner workings of the Queen Competition, Fashion Show Production, and work with industry professionals while representing the Queen Contest.  Once your application is submitted, and once chosen (10 positions open) you will be notified when orientation is, and will be required to attend.  A set schedule will be given along with required attire and an information packet at that time as well as duties to be outlined with more detail.  Due to performance or behavior, an intern may be relieved of your duties and asked to return all items received.  This internship is open to ages 14 to 20.  Any questions, please contact the Queen Committee Chair, Josie Wills