2015 Congress Fashion Trends: Sponsors Weigh In

Tammy Schuster from All That Show Clothing weighs in on 2015 Congress Fashion Trends

We had the privilege of learning some insider information from Tammy Schuster of All That Show Clothing about fashion trends we will be seeing at the Congress this year. We would like to give a tremendous thank you Tammy for contributing, we know we can trust your fashion sense! As a sponsor of the contest, she generously donates each year and plays a huge role in wardrobing our child models for the annual "Couture for the Cure" Style Show!

Here is what she said:

Some new trends you will see at the congress this year are more simple elegant lines. More glitz and Bulk on outfits is not always better. I think people get tired of trying to out glitz each other and are settling for clothing that suits their body style better. Not everyone looks well in the same look. Suits are making a comeback with beautiful shirts and scarves!

 I think satins and velvet are HOT this year and are the trends being seen on European and New York Runways. Jewel tones are very popular especially when you pair them with black chaps or jewel toned Hats.

 Plain Fitted shirts I brought back about 5 years ago and have become extremely popular. Custom cotton sheens and trims on cuffs and collars are a fun way to change up your look for an inexpensive price, along with a silk scarf. All That Show Clothing was the front runner in introducing the plain fitted shirt when Carey Nowacek won the youth world in horsemanship in her plain fitted All That Shirt! I wish people would not put so much pressure on so much glitz. You can still look beautiful in clean lines and well fit clothing. 

 All that strives to have the best fit and quality in the industry. Our 4 couture seamstresses use the best materials and line every item to display great workmanship and Fit! If your clothing does not fit properly it does not compliment the entire picture of you and your horse when you enter the ring.

I really wish white hats would go away I think they break up the lines of color unless you have white on. It is a fashion no no for me. I like to see outfits carry one color all the way through or at least pull out the most used color in an outfit and match your hat to that color! French Tan is still a favorite of mine. However, I love a colored hat that matches your outfit.

What I see is the biggest change is casual at shows and in normal every day street wear -glitz and rhinestones are out!!!!! 

Plain jeans are back in. Kimes Ranch is the jean to wear. They compliment the rider and/or street wearer. There are several styles to choose from. All that will be stocked with every style jean of Kimes Ranch as well as Kimes Ranch tops,sweatshirts, hats for Men and Woman.

All That will carry all kinds of trendy preppy casual clothing at the congress !!!! 

Make sure you come visit our boutique in congress hall just look for the PINK Booth that's always overflowing with fun and laughter and gorgeous clothes!!!!