Our Support of Nellie's Catwalk for Kids (NC4K)

The All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen Contest proudly supports NC4K

In 2015, we proudly raised $54,145 for NC4K

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It all started in 2007 when a 16 year old girl, Nellie Krumlauf, wanted to make an impact on the world around her. After experiencing her grandmother, Goldie, lose her battle to cancer Nellie knew she had to do something to help others dealing with this horrible disease. While doing research she found that childhood cancer is the least funded type of cancer and also the number one leading cause of death by disease of children. Right then she knew something had to be done!

Nellie's original plan for NC4K was to be just a one-time fashion show with all the money raised going to Nationwide Children's Hospital. As she started the planning process she met a little girl named Eden, little did she know Eden would change her whole plan! When Nellie met Eden she was going through her second battle with cancer and in the midst of treatments, doctors' appointments, hospital stays and everything else that comes with the battle, Eden could not wait to model in the very first fashion show. Nellie was amazed at how much life and energy was in this little girl that was dealing with so much. When it came time for the show Eden was ready in her black dress, sparkly bald head and gold shoes, and of course as soon as she stepped out into the bright lights she stole the show! As she strutted her stuff down the catwalk the audience could not help but honor her with a standing ovation. As the show ended Eden leaped into Nellie's arms and said with her sweet voice "That was soooooo much fun….I can't wait until next year"! It was at that point Nellie knew NC4K had to be more than just a one-time fashion show. Sadly in late 2008 Eden lost her battle to this disease, but she is still with NC4K in everything they do. Today NC4K is more than just a fashion show.

Over a million dollars has been raised to help meet the needs of families as they travel through a journey in their life they never imagined they would be on. All because of one 16-year-old girl with inspiration from her grandma and passion to help and one spunky little girl NC4K has evolved into helping hundreds of families live life a little easier. Outside of NC4K there is very little funding for families and for research. Nellie explained that “this is one reason why we are so passionate about growing NC4K because the more funds we raise the more families we can impact”.

Nellie favorite NC4K events are their fashion show, and the Christmas Program. She said, “Our fashion show is our signature event and brings together young leaders from the community raising funds for families in need. Also our Christmas program is very magical. We adopt cancer families for the holidays to create an experience and memorable Christmas for them. The Quarter Horse Congress is a big reason why the Christmas program has grown so much in the past couple years.”

The connection between NC4K and the All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen Contest is through the Paul Mitchell Partner School. They do the hair and make-up for the Congress Queen Couture for the Cure fashion show, and they are a lifelong partner of NC4K.  In 2011, the year Courtney was Queen, the connection was made and Nellie says “we  fell in love with everyone”.

We couldn’t help but be impressed and humbled by the following core values of Nellie's Catwalk for Kids. These are applicable to all of us, not only in times of giving back, but in everyday life and in life as a Queen Contestant.


Our families are why we exist, so it is only natural for them to be a top priority. By taking the time to know each family down to their favorite color, when their birthday is, or what their favorite restaurant is; we can better serve their financial and emotional needs. Families are not just a number to us, we want to treat them like family. It is as simple as that. 


Every day is not going to be glamorous; there is a lot of hard work that goes into pulling off our fashion shows, spreading the word about our movement, and writing thousands of emails. From our president to each volunteer, we roll up our sleeves to get the job done and may even break a sweat now and then. 


Our working environment is much different than a Fortune 500 corporation. We believe in being a family. We have days when we laugh, when we cry, or when we just need a hug. With a family you know they will always be there for you no matter what and that is NC4K.


We like to create some sparkle in the work we do by adding our personal touch. Whether that be writing a letter to a donor, taking a volunteer to lunch, sending a family a surprise in the mail, or even reaching out to people to get them involved. This is when we see the magic happen and a greater impact in the work we do.


Being hands on with each family and their needs allows us to directly see how our work is making an impact on their life. From helping with a house payment, to taking a girl to get her nails done, to making over a family’s house; it all adds up to the bigger picture. It helps ground us, motivate us, encourage us and above all makes us grateful that each family allows us to be a part of their journey. 


Our organization is predominately made up of young and passionate individuals that want to make a difference. No one is ever too young to have a voice or to make a difference. We are many hearts joining together for one very important cause.  


In a generation where there is tweeting, texting, imessaging, instagraming and so much more you can surely find a way to connect with us, we promise. We will answer every email, every call, every message even if it takes us weeks to get back to you. If we don’t respond it must have gotten lost in cyber space, unless it has only been a minute since you sent it, we wish we were that good. 


 We have been growing rapidly over such a short amount of time and we know we couldn’t do it without every person and business that has believed in us. We are working daily to make sure you are aware of how awesome you are and how grateful we are you picked us. If we become annoying by telling you just let us know.

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