Brittany Pritchett, Georgia Quarter Horse Association

Get to know Brittany...

Let's take a trip down south and meet the reigning Georgia Quarter Horse Association Queen, Brittany Pritchett! Read the answers below to get to know Brittany prior to the competition in October!

1) Name and Association Representing:
Brittany Pritchett proudly representing the Georgia Quarter Horse Association

2) Where are you from? Tell us a little about your hometown. 
I'm from Marietta, Georgia. It's a smaller city right outside of Atlanta. It's known for its famous "Marietta Square" where people come to shop, eat, and listen to some live entertainment from local artists playing in the streets!

3) Why did you choose to compete for the title of 2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen?
I have really enjoyed competing in pageants for a few years now, as well as competing in AQHA. Then I heard about this contest which I figured would be perfect because it combines my 2 passions! Then I was nominated by various GQHA members, and thought it would also be neat to start really studying the breed more.

4) Are you currently in school? Employed? 
Yes, I am a 3rd year student at Kennesaw State University, but also work as a full time model.

5) What is your favorite horse show memory?
My favorite horse memory was being put on my first Quarter horse at 2 years old. Her name was Kesha and I fell in love immediately. Shortly after that, my grandmother saw my love for Kesha and got me a stuffed horse that resembled her. I still have that stuffed horse to this day, and take her on every trip with me! I can't sleep without her! smile emoticon

6) Interesting fact about yourself? 
I competed in my first state pageant in 2013 for Miss GA Teen USA with 70--80 other girls and ended up getting 2nd runner up! It was such a fun experience!

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