Sara Keas, Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association

Get to know Sara...

Do you know how to two-step? If not, this queen candidate would be happy to teach you how, as dancing is one of her favorite things to do. Meet Sara Keas of the Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association. Read her interview below to get to know Sara!

1.) Name and Association Representing:

My name is Sara Keas and I am proud to be representing the Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association

2.) Where are you from? Tell us a little about your hometown.

I am from Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania. It is a great little town in Northwestern PA. True to our namesake, life revolves around our little 3 mile long lake in the center of town. CL Fun Fact: Even though our lake may be small, she is mighty. Conneaut Lake was formed by glaciers and is actually the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania! 

3.) Why did you choose to compete for the title of 2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen?

Last year I was very blessed with the opportunity to represent my organization. It was such an amazing experience and everything happened so quickly. There was so much to learn and lasting friendships made. I am over the moon that I am able to experience it all again. See old faces, meet new ones, continue learning, and most importantly represent PQHA and AQHA, because without these wonderful organizations we all wouldn't have these great opportunities that come with being a Queen! 

4.) Are you currently in school? Employed?

Yes, I am currently both employed and in school! I will complete an Environmental Biology degree this winter at Edinboro University of PA. Also, I waitress and tend bar at a local restaurant.

5.) Favorite Horse Memory or Accomplishment?

One of my all time favorite horse memories was the first time that my IHSA team won a high point team award for a show. We were a relatively new team to competition and it took a few years for us even to reach the top five. The amount of work that was put in and the way the team came together to work for that award is something that i will always be proud of. 

6.) Interesting Fact about yourself?

If anybody would like to get to know me better come up and ask me to dance! One of my favorite things to do is country two-step and line dance!

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