4-H: "Making the World's Best Better"

An Evening with Fairfield County's Rough Riders 4-H Club

4-H pledge with clover.png

I remember my early years as a 4-H Club member... 

Particularly, at seven years old, I recall fundraising in the parking lot of Tractor Supply Company next to some really cute baby bunnies. Low and behold, my best friend's parents bought me Percy for my birthday, and I spent all summer preparing to show him at the fair. It seemed that year's fair was 100 degrees, Percy almost dehydrated, and the poor thing never let anyone take him out of his cage again for the remainder of his eight years of life. 

After that, we stuck to poster projects. Until of course I discovered my love for showing horses, and my experiences [and expertise] with animals went uphill ever since!

It has been over six years since I was actively involved in 4-H and the FFA and after a wonderful visit with Fairfield County's Rough Riders 4-H Club, I was flooded with many memories of hard work, friendships, and life lessons learned through these leadership programs. My experiences with animals and agriculture are paramount; truly shaping the way I would engage with others and pursue my interests for years to come. 

A peek into the Rough Riders annual awards banquet

First, a huge thank you to Jane Fowler and all of the advisors of the Rough Riders 4-H Club for welcoming me at your annual 4-H banquet. Your group does an amazing job educating members on the ins and outs of the horse world, recognizing improvements and accomplishments, and most importantly, empowering youth to step outside of their comfort zone and tackle new experiences head on. 

I am blown away by the amount of opportunities available through Ohio's 4H equine programs. This past year, Rough Riders's members participated in a variety of statewide programs, sending teams and individuals alike to the state fair, the state-wide competitive trail contest, and groom and clean competitions. In addition, members participated in horse judging, hippology, horse bowl, and communications contests. 

Not only are these kids knowledgeable about all things horses, but the practical skills they have gained and their willingness to mentor and help others spoke leaps and bounds about the integrity, humbleness, and kindness within this group. 

It was an honor to hear what all these kids learned through their 4-H experiences as well as share in their laughs and stories!

Thank you!

Again, thank you to the Rough Rider's 4-H Club for sharing your stories and allowing me to celebrate your successes! I had a great time learning more about how Ohio's 4-H equine programs have grown and how much you all are learning not only from these activities, but from each other through teamwork.

I look forward to seeing all you will accomplish in 2018!