Andrea Armbruster, Michigan Quarter Horse Association

Get to know Andrea...

Meet Andrea Armbruster, a fourth generation horsewoman who is representing the Michigan Quarter Horse Association. Get to know Andrea in her interview below and learn about how she is preparing to compete for the title of 2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen. 

1.) Name and Association Representing: 

My name is Andrea Armbruster and I am representing the Michigan Quarter Horse Association. 

2.) Where are you from? Tell us a little about your hometown.

I am from a small town called Milan. It is about 20 minutes south of Ann Arbor and the perfect distance from wherever you want to go. I’ve called this town home since my parents moved here when my twin sister and I were three. When we were younger, we would go over to the neighbors, who happened to be our grandparents, and they would babysit us until our parents got home from work. This gave us ample time to be in the barn and around the horses, since the farm was on their property as well. This little town will always be a part of me and in my heart. 

3.) Why did you choose to compete for the title of 2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen? 

I chose to compete for the All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen because it has always been a dream of mine since Stephanie Cline was the Queen in 2003. I want to achieve this dream and earn the title to encourage young girls, or even older women, to love themselves and to never be afraid to reach their goals. 

4.) Are you currently in school? Employed?

I am not currently in school, as I am currently working to save money so I can go back to school. Next year I will be attending Eastern Michigan University and I’ll be majoring in Art History and Communications. Also, I will be dual-enrolled at Washtenaw Community College finishing my graphic design certification. After school I am interested in getting a job in the horse industry, possibly for advertising or working for a magazine. 

5.) Favorite Horse Memory or Accomplishment? 

My favorite horse memory is probably winning the Novice Amateur Showmanship at the 2012 Region 4 show in Columbus, Ohio. I was at Cooper Arena walking my horse, Val, around outside to keep her warmed up before we were let into the warm up area. I felt as though I was waiting a long time and finally went to ask the steward where the show was in the line-up. It turns out I had already missed my go and needed to hurry up into the warm up area. I ended up going last. My mom had gone to our motorhome to get my earrings before this and missed my winning run. She returned as I was finished and was so upset to have missed it. When the announcer called my horse and I in first, we were absolutely thrilled. It was my first championship, and the first belt buckle I ever won. I still get a smile on my face thinking about that day! 

6.) Interesting Fact about yourself? 

I am a fourth generation horsewoman. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, and I have the horse gene in our DNA and a passion for them running through our veins. Until very recently, three of those generations were still alive. My grandmother passed away from a tragic accident, two days before I was supposed to leave for the Harbor Classic which is the Michigan Quarter Horse show where the Queen’s contest is held. I was crowned Queen on her birthday, July 3rd. So this year and my determination, are dedicated to her.

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