Taylor Gumz, Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Association

Get to know Taylor...

Meet the reigning Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Association Queen, Taylor Gumz. Read Taylor's answers below to get to know her better prior to Congress! 

1. Name and association representing: 

My name is Taylor Gumz and I am representing Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Association!

2. Where are you from? Tell Us a little about your hometown: 

In 2007, once the Kentucky Racing Authority announced their new Kentucky incentive program, my family moved to Morganfield, Kentucky. Morganfield is a small but peaceful town located on the western side of the state. Morganfield is a very old town with some sufficient history. During the civil war, a battle took place in our county. Following that event, President Abraham Lincoln gave a speech on the courthouse steps before going and presenting the famous 4 score speech. Morganfield was also booming during the World Wars. There was a large Army base and P.O.W camp covering almost 30,000 acres. Our farm sits on what was a part of Camp Breckenridge. After World War II had ended, the government decided Kentucky only needed one major army base. Camp Breckenridge and Fort Knox were comparable in size at the time and the deciding factor was a simple coin toss. Unfortunately, Camp Breckenridge lost and was shut down. Our County is also the largest coal producing county in Kentucky. 

3. Why did you choose to compete for the title of 2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen? 

Going to Congress was always a family effort and truly brought us together; whether it was setting a booth up, watching our Masters horse or prepping horses for the sale. Most girls are counting down the days until October for the pumpkin flavored coffees, but I counted down the day until Congress. Congress will always have a special place in my heart with so many memories. I am running for Congress Queen for multiple reasons: I want to give back to place the gave me such unforgettable memories, fulfilling a childhood dream and I would love nothing more than to represent an organization that has blessed me with so many unforgettable moments. 

4. Are you currently in school? Employed? 

I am currently in the Nursing program at Henderson College, with a graduation date set for December 2016. This summer, I received a great opportunity to be a summer Extern for St. Mary’s hospital in Evansville, IN. It is a six week program that lets you explore the wide variety of opportunities that nursing has to offer. It is three 12 hour shifts a week and I am on a different unit each day. It has been a great experience! When I am not working at the hospital, I am working on my parents’ quarter horse farm, Gumz Farms. Now that breeding season is coming to an end, we are working with the yearlings and weaning foals. I am also taking a summer online class, Medical Microbiology, which I am absolutely fascinated with!

5. Favorite Horse Memory or Accomplishment? 

Being raised on a quarter horse farm and being exposed to the horse industry at a young age was such a blessing. To this day, I wake up excited to spend my day in the barn. Each day is a newfangled adventure with a new lesson to learn. With countless memories, my memories with the foals always remain my favorite. We had a foal that was quite ill and the prognosis did not sound promising. We all took turns and provided care around the clock. The foal slowly came around and was taken off all the medications. It shows you anything is possible with a little faith and long nights. However, what is even more rewarding is looking in a magazine and seeing that foal’s ad. It is a heart-warming feeling knowing that your hard work paid off.

6. Interesting fact about yourself?

I will give you a few tidbits about myself. My first Quarter Horse was a gray 1982 model, named Master Stripper, AKA Spike. I am double jointed in both thumbs (it comes in handy while texting!). I also have two great danes, Marvin and Speckles.

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